Friday, September 25, 2009

Life as a Squiggle

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I Miss Blogging

You know there is just something nice about being heard. I realized that I have several friends that really don't listen. When someone tells me something I remember it and most of the details. At times people are shocked to find out that I remember some incidental thing they said ages ago. I have come to the conclusion that perhaps talking less is really better. A few years ago I decided to talk less. I know I've always been an attention seeker and wanted out of that role so I decided talking less would help. It did. I now see and hear more than ever AND people tell me secrets! Somehow I am now trustworthy enough to know secrets. Guess what? I'm good at keeping secrets and not telling. Someone once told me that a secret is power and it is true. Once you are allowed to start telling it the power starts fading away. Honestly, at times I have to try really really hard to care what some folks are talking about but I try to cultivate an interest because I care or do I just want to seem as I care? I hope I'm not like the person who always asks about my weekend but I know could care less and just doesn't know what else to say to me. Yuck! Let's find something real to discuss.

Now what was the point of this blog? Between stopping to take pies out of the oven and a pumpkin in I've lost my focus(if I really ever had one). Well anyway it does feel good to be heard and blogging fills that need even if no one is reading. Are you out there? Oh crud! How was your weekend?