Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Idea of Hope

The book I just finished spoke of one's life purpose focusing around hope. So now the questions is, "What is your hope... my hope?" Usually I hope that I can brighten someone's day or give purpose to their day, to make them feel needed, important, appreciated. That seems like such a small hope. Maybe it should be 10 people, 20, 100... What are your ideas about hope?

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Dress

In September 1973 my sister had just started school at TCU. She had gone through rush and pledged a sorority but still Mom worried. One Friday night Mom and I headed to Foley's and shopped for sister. We bought two dresses. I only remember what one looked like. It was a dark green calico print peasant style dress with a white inset in front. I was never a dress person but I liked this dress. We boxed up the dresses and sister called very pleased. I could picture her toodling off to class with her long straight hair and peasant dress. She always loved a dress. I felt good to buy her those dresses. My daughter bought me a dress. I didn't wear it or even keep it but she knew exactly what I liked. She took the things I like in shirts and pants and jewelry and found a dress that matched my style. I love that she thought about me, made the effort and took a chance on me. Perhaps I should have kept that dress. I'm too practical, frugal, and hosestly don't enjoy dresses. In fact when I wear one I just don't feel like me. So I will remember the gesture as one of my life's best gifts. Thanks, Becky.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kindly Disregard Last Post

After reading the comment posted by my daughter on my last post, I must inform my readers, all 1 of you, that I've decided I'm good enough just the way I am so don't expect any big changes!

Friday, July 23, 2010

What Now?

I have been very positive since my last self pitying post. I have forgotten my wrinkles and crepy skin. I have focused on the good in my life. I have laughed, eaten, and enjoyed the company of others, BUT Isn't there always a but? I was doing fine, much better, when I discovered the Facebook page and blog of my long lost 1st cousin. I'm am just inadequate. She quilts, knits, writes, bakes and decorates cakes, is a missionary, studying spanish, gourmet cooks, supports her community, is in socail organizations and really cares about these things and does them very well. She states that her husband is her motivator. Maybe I can blame James for my short comings. My only motivation this summer has been exercising, tennis, and cleaning. Now that sounds just downright selfish. It is. I'm making a resolution right here, right now to do something to help others, or is productive, or is well done, soon. Maybe tomorrow, right after tennis!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Establishing a New Identity

Only summer would provide me with enough time to have this problem. When I 'm busy and productive I either like myself or just don't notice my short comings so much. What has been the focus of this summer? Wrinkles, sagging skin, horrid age spots. I sound like a beauty cream ad. I remember a few years ago when lined up with my peers that they all had these sagging jaws and chins. I sighed a breath of relief that mine was still in tact. Well as I survey the damage of age, sun, the growing and shrinking of the body and the attached skin..Oh my I shouldn't have even started looking. It is like germs. I can't get to thinking about them for fear that they really could become an all consuming entity. So I've done this survey of myself and just can't get a handle on this new me. Maybe or probably it isn't new, just new to me. All the things I see can't be fixed. These things are now-me. So how does one go about handling these imperfections? The only solution that I've come up so far is a lot more smiles and a little more fabric.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Gem

Did I mention my daughter, Becky? She's a gem. She is a great listener and thinker. She has a rare combination: good intentions and follow through! She sent me this cartoon this morning and it made me smile. How about you?