Friday, March 19, 2010

A Spring Thing

As James' birthday is near it is a signal of something. No not the West Texas Relays or the first day of spring but instead the time to switch the snowmen in the kitchen back to the usual decor. Pronounced, "Day Cor," with a very hard DAY by the PR Director of Tom Thumb while trying to entice us on the radio to come to the Spring Home and Garden Show this weekend. As I was packing the Frosties back into the box this morning the forecast is a chance of snow! Just a small chance but doesn't it make you happy that you haven't rushed out to get your spring flowers or put your garden in? It does me! I did clean out my garden but didn't even turn over the soil. I'm saving that for the day I harvest the isopods for school. But anyway I found the whole snowman thing ironic just a little too ironic, don't you think? It's like raaaainnnn on your wedding........

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break

A good time to rest up, catch up and think, "What the heck am I going to do alllll summer?"

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yes. Last night I watched Zombieland. I know Zombieland and Wolfman in the same year? Both of these I saw just because James wanted to see them and it is only fair since he complained through the second movie about Bridget Jones on Friday night. To my shock and unhorror, I liked Zombieland. It started out with 2 things I like: humor and a rules list! I wasn't even sure what a zombie is and am still not sure but didn't keep me from enjoying the show. Woody Harrelson was the typical Woody, goody. The other actors were all young kid-adults that I didn't know but enjoyed. In addition to lists of rules, the main character also talks about his list of irrational fears. I always find that funny and interesting because as a kid, I had my fair share. Did you know I scrunched up my night gown to the width of a rubber band so I could quickly get it over my head without anything attacking me. Zombieland is a fun 2 hour ride and it isn't really a scary movie at all. I recommend it for $1-3 dollar viewing.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Continual Improvement?

I'm tired of getting better when the old me is pretty good already! Is that the voice of a tired person? What does it say when we have to keep improving on good? Better data, better looking, better example, better monitor...Yes, I must just be tired. Perhaps I'll wait until morning to post this. Better yet, I'll email a few folks and tell them that they are fabulous. Everybody likes a good report- even better a great report.