Friday, December 18, 2009

Coming Soon, A Party to Remember

Crying, the Tango, vomit, Michael Jackson, a bird, and poor time telling.

Days have passed and I've decided that enough has been said. Except that through the whoooole day I kept on my headband style reindeer ears without a pinch or poke. I never broke out into a sweat although the temperature was a crisp 42. I never raised my voice except in request of "Encore! Encore!" for another round of Blitzen doing the Chinese Splits. My smile was not riddled by gritted teeth. It was a party to remember and one to cherished as well.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Move Over, Christmas Sweatshirt!

By next Christmas I might not believe that I spent an afternoon in December 2009 making this giant Santa Cookie. It is a sugar cookie with homemade cream cheese butter cream icing and red sugar sprinkles held in place with a thin brushing of light corn syrup. I can put these in the memory book next to the stuffed fabric ginger bread dolls, the fabric padded Christmas frames, the holiday sweatshirts, the felt stockings, the plaid ribbon bows and the baked salt dough ornaments.

A New Chapter

My daughter's new job, son's new job, son's new possible job, new household visitors, an ailing father, a crazy world ...a new year. I can hardly wait to see what this new year will bring. Out the best in me? The worst in me? Relief? Tension? Peace? Angst? Joy? All of the above? Whatever the outcome it is clear that next year at this time I'll have new stories to tell and memories to review. I just hope it includes many family gatherings, tennis matches, cups of coffee, board games, funny movies, and meaningful moments. Stay tuned!

Still not surprised!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time to Breathe

It seems in education as in other businesses, I'm sure, there is never time to just step back, exhale, and admire your craft. Just as soon as you have mastered something and start to feel pleased with the outcome, WHOOSH! the expectation, technique or process changes. I like to feel progressive and with it. I really do! I just wish the pace could relax just a little. It seems things are dished out in the same method that a crazy parent throws a kid in deep water to learn to swim. It forces you to react quickly but can be quite exhausting with all the flailing and gasping. I wonder if the kids feel the same way. Each time we change a schedule, add new curriculum, increase an expectation, are they thinking, "Just slow down, let me breath, let me catch up, your never stopping!"? How in the world should that sentence be punctuated? It seems we are running a race and in the end who will be the winner?