Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Frozen Failures

How could this happen in just 4 days? How could it be that 2 priceless frozen treats could go bad? Saturday morning after tennis I went back to the same 7-11 that had the Crystal Light Slurpee but the warning light was on. I could tell through the glass that it was nearly ready so I helped myself. What a disappointment. It was almost as disappointing as an undercooked egg. I tried to spruce it up with a few ice cubes but the whole time I was drinking it I kept imagining my teeth turning bright orange. Then on a hot lazy Sunday afternoon James and I headed out for our first sugar free snow cone of the season. I had a bad feeling when the menu of sugar free flavors could not be read because the print had gotten wet and run down the page that was still taped in the hut window. I kept the faith but when I asked the girl what the flavors were she was sheepish. Never trust a shy snow cone girl with a bad complexion. After filling our glasses with shaved ice she informed us they had....sugar free watermelon. I found this to be just a dull sweetness with artificial color. James liked his but he likes simple sweet but I need the punch of tart! How could this happen in one week. I guess I should have just trusted my instincts and ordered a water. Water is just so plain.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Not Enough Rigor

Now that I'm home, I find my summer doesn't include quite enough rigor. Our new tennis pro, now a month delayed, has thrown a loop in the Tennis Academy schedule. It is a delicate balance of hours available inside, playable hours outside due to extreme heat, and availability of instructors. I've been having a daily run and Bowflex and or Wii but have come up with a stupid cough that I've diagnosed to be allergic in nature. Does being outside make that worse? Anyway it is 9:58 on a Monday morning, I've eaten, run, worked out, cleaned myself up, read a chapter in my school assigned summer reading, and am ready to do my online tech course. All this sounds like too much sitting. I'm resigned to no painting or interior decorating until I've made a decision, found the funding, and put in new flooring. I've put in my garden but it doesn't really require much time. Oh well, I'll continue to work on developing a satisfying daily schedule. I'll get it down about August 1st.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Techno School

Taking this graduate course has been good for me. I'm using all the techno tools that high schools and universities use. I've used the course website for course information, assignment information, uploading assignments, communication with professors and students, and viewing grades and assessments. I'm just amazed how it all works and it does work! On the flip side there were still glitches with technological presentations. Programs that were unable to open, incompatible software... Our professor was very understanding although I'm sure there are some that are not. Now just to wait for my presentation review. I was shocked by the idea of criticism and resubmission of work. Hmmm. I was pretty sure I was perfect.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fat Butts or Fat Guts?

I have noticed while finishing my projct for the Environmental Camp/Class that students spend a lot of time sitting. I am surprised that the youth of today have collected rolls of fat around their middle instead of their rear ends. Just an observation.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coming Along

Well week 3 of summer is here. Week1, I attended the Science Academy that seemed worthwhile because I was paid to attend. I had fun with my friends and eating lunch out each day. Week 2, Environmental Camp, which was fabulous. I was not paid but it cost me nothing and was a priceless experience. It is weird because I can't explain to anyone who wasn't there how great it actually was. During week 1 I got registered and logged on to my online technology course which I look forward to getting back to this week. I also look forward to getting back into my usual tennis routine and exercise routine. Since I finished Sarah's Key last week, I'm anxious to get to the library and start book 2 of the summer. I'm also looking forward to watching some movies. Somehow I think I may make it through the summer without any school withdrawals. Amazingly, I haven't had the urge to pick up a paintbrush or a scrub brush, yet.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer With Purpose

A few weeks ago I was confused about the direction of summer but now the summer vision is becoming clearer. My husband keeps asking me what I'm doing today and I say," Anything that I want!" I have started my online Excel 2007 course, attended a 3 day Science Academy, attended the orientation for my week long Coal Camp, and started 2 books. I've run everyday although I've subbed out my tennis for the week. I also intend to do the Library To Play 3. I have the feeling that the summer may just whizzzz by.