Saturday, November 27, 2010

No loyalty, No respect

Can you imagine a day when your long term cell phone/Internet provider charges you for a "reconditioned" card? Can you imagine a day when the cell phone service center has the charm of a bus station and offers no, yes I said NO trash cans. I understand the importance of shredding but not to have a receptacle to for your empty coffee cup? Now how about this: a convenience store with its paper towel dispensers on the food bar taped closed with cardboard as to say to customers, "No you can use the hand dryer just like everyone else or don't make a mess with the mustard!" What is the state f our world? This is beyond cheap, beyond disrespect. Feeling better after having a little vent!

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Treehouse-Dweller said...

UGH! Did you encounter all these in the same day? That would be terrible! I think the disappearance of these little courtesies is the sign of a bigger problem with society. For example, maybe the convenient store is fed up with the apparent abundance of paper-towel wastrels, or just too strapped for cash to order more? Either is sad. It's the little things that have the ability to make or break an experience.