Thursday, July 23, 2009

Second Life 4, Out of This World

Today I visited the Domed Planetarium in Second Life and was quite impressed. It was easy to navigate, quiet, and actually could be quite educational. Once teleported to the planetarium, I walked on a catwalk type fixture to a huge glass dome where when panned around could see the planets all revolving the sun and rotating, from Earth's point of view. From a monitor I could choose other numbered NASA shows. I think the next one I saw was a closeup of the surface of the moon. Again fun and interesting. When I pulled my view outside the planetarium it reminded me that I was in a planetarium not in space or on a space station. Very fun. It also gave clear rules when entering this showcase so there was no question of the proper digital citizenship. I will continue to investigate Second Life as time permits and ponder ways to use it as an educational tool with meaning.

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