Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Task 10 More Like It

I always knew that these image makers existed but assumed that it took some special program that I didn't have. Surprise! They are all fairly easy to use and fun at that. I did have trouble finding one that accommodated my holiday ditty, that I hope you enjoyed. Let's just call this, not only the summer of the wedding, the summer of tennis, the summer of cake but also the summer of the daily ditty. I am emailing a fresh ditty to my daughter each day. Now in addition to the ditty, she will also get the benefit of the image makers. I can think of a million ways to use these in class. How about a character on the screen each day asking the kids to explain a concept from the previous day? It could be the president, Stewy Griffin, Sponge BOB, the choices are endless. How about a biography assignment using the trading card maker? Better yet a favorite scientist! Well, you get the drift. I am determined to finish this task in the course of 1 day so I am stopping. By the way how do you spell Stewy?

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LauraAnn said...

Little ditties here and there,
Cadence, rhythm, notes to spare...
Sister's musings for the day,
Posted here on Learn2play!

Love you!

ps- still can't get the powerpoint to transfer to my blog...waiting from help from a higher power...

pss - didn't post today; instead played Johnny Appleseed visiting other blogs and encouraging chatter.