Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Task 21 Podcasts

One of my favorite things about the summer learn to play program has been the common craft video series. I love that they give background application and exaqmples in simple to understand language.

Now on to task 21, podcasting. First impression: easier that I might have thought. Second thought: endless opportuntities especially for the technoloically creative person.

I have downloaded Audacity, recorded some of my summer ditties, set up my switchpod account and am now ready to try to move my podcast to my blog. For me this is where the challenge begins so I'll temporarily signed off and continue this in a minute, an hour, hours, or perhaps tomorrow all depending on the smoothness of this operation. Time:6:41 am July 30.

Now it is 7:26 and I can't get my link to switchpod to show on the blog. It is showing on my draft, which I have saved so I will stop at 7:27 and return later to see it through new fresh eyes because I have a day of tennis and kitchen painting ahead!

Well crud! As you can see my link is unclickable. I tried without the help of my sister and am getting nowhere fast, well sort of fast, medium fast...

I will resort to hlep first thing in the morning, well maybe second. 8:51pm


LauraAnn said...

Hi, sister. Call me this morning and I will walk you through the podcast. I'm off for a run right now (8:00) but should be back by 9:00.

I have been working on a post of my own design this morning, entitled Misty2.0. You might take a look and see what you think. Would Jimmy be mortified? Misty?

LauraAnn said...

OK - try these instructions:
1. Open up switchpod and copy the hyperlink to your presentation. It says "Your podcast url."
2. Open up your blogpost and in the compose window, click the button for insert hyperlink. It is the 6th button from the left w/a little globe w/ link on it.
3. A blue hyperlink button will appear in the middle of your screen. In the second box, erase the http:// and then paste your switchpod url in the box. It will begin w/ http, etc.
4. Once you close that box, the hyperlink should appear "active" on your post, underlined and in the active color.

Try it and see if it works...

LauraAnn said...

Ok, I just posted your recording to my blog. I followed my own instructions, using the address I copied from your blog! (You can listen to it there...)

I used the first address, not the second. It won't work because of the href= thing. I'm not sure what that is...

Just copy the full address and paste it into the box I wrote about in the other post. It ought to work.

Let me know...