Saturday, July 5, 2008

Task 12 Creating Community Correctly

Be relevant and on task! That is probably something I need to work on in my blog responding. I have been doing a random daily response in hopes that I might gain some mystoerios reputation like the tooth fairy. Now I find out that I should be more purposeful and and respond directly to the subject at hand. Honestly, I try but occasioanlly I can only come up with, "Your dog is cute," or "you sure do post straight to the point." (meaning their entries are really short) Now I did respond to a 5th grade science teacher's blog because that is what I teach. It was easy to feel focus and constructive. The next blog response was one I found when I searched for older tennis players. And BINGO. She had written an article about her early tennis instructions as a girl when girls sports were almost unheard of. I laughed and could relate. It was easy for me to respond to her comments and share some of my own. I'm anxious to see if she responds back. I guess this is the kind of connection your are looking for when blogging. It sure makes it easier to be sure you are using bolg etiquette. I plan to keep up my random daily blog just in case I start building my reputation for it. Does anyone object?

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